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Default Re: Anyone here from east central Iowa?

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
Is there much fishing near Cedar Rapids? I periodically pass through La Porte City on my way back to Chicago. Stop by the cemetery when I have time on the drive.
The Cedar River is a great place to fish. The area I fish is upstream from Cedar Rapids and it has some incredible walleye and smallmouth, plus the usual catfish and carp. The backwater lakes have some nice northerns, and I have caught a few largemouth and crappie there too.

There are several small man-made lakes around that are really nice, but fished heavily. One is even stocked with trout. There is a short stream that is stocked with trout, I have not heard good things about it and it is right next to the interstate. Not my idea of a place I would want to fish.

Fishing is pretty strong here, but I have yet to find a fly fisherman and that makes learning pretty difficult. That is why I am thankful for all of the wonderful knowledge on this site.

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Originally Posted by mbchilton View Post
I live in Des Moines. Coming over to your neck of the woods on New Year's Day for some winter fishing.
Ice fishing? It's all iced over now. Last year the Cedar River stayed open all winter, it was in the 40's on New Years day and I was out fishing. Not this year...
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