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Default Re: Learning to Tie

I started out with a kit, and I agree with the can do better piecing a kit together. None the less, I used that kit for some time and I still use many of the tools. Look at what is included in the average kit, then watch a number of videos on tying to see if any of them are rarely used, or if there are ones that are used regularly that aren't in the average kit. The big disappointment was the tying materials, which where scant and very poor quality. If you live close to a fly shop and have easy access to supplies, only buy what you need for a particular pattern or three that you want to tie, and go back for more when needed. If you have to drive an hour, or have to rely on internet suppliers, you may want to do a bit of research to make sure you don't end up ordering again in a week. Of course, with the price of gas and the low weight of the materials, shipping could well be less that the gas needed to go to the shop. Personally, I like to see them first and you can only do that at the fly shop, and I like to use my local shop as much as possible...or I did before they closed up.

There are great websites for fly recipes and YouTube videos are great. One I'd recommend searching for is David Cammiss. He has a number of lessons done for various skill levels. Books can be really frustrating because you see what each step looks like, but seeing it done is much easier to follow.
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