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Default Re: South Platte River Deckers Report

Trout333, So true about being soured by other fishermen - seriously, this is MY river, what gives???

I, too have just learned to deal with crowds. Avoidance is the best method. If the river's full, move to another spot- easy as that.

There are many fly fishermen now, like there are skiers, golfers, cyclists, hunters... the list goes on... I'm a younger generation in my late 30s, and I understand the frustration of old timers... it's hard to see a special spot you once had all to yourself packed full of crowds now.

The thing is, on the South Platte, a good mid-week day will allow you some isolation - especially if you get your a$$ up there early, you can have the river to yourself at least for a few hours. I am fortunate enough to run my own business, so it affords me weekdays off from time to time. I do take advantage of this, which means I avoid the weekend crowds. But, sometiems I do go on the weekends with buddies, and you just learn to coexist. And SMILE

In conclusion, I like to think about the adage, 'A bad day fishing is better than the best day at work'. We're all very lucky to have this incredible tailwater in our backyard, we're blessed with our health and the ability to go fishing, and lastly, the fact that we have people (TU, flyshops, guides) that help keep the fishing as good as it can be.

Happy New Year everyone! Best of luck in 2013!
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