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Default Re: Photo Contest #1:Fall Vote

Hey guys,
I have procrastinated doing this for a few days but it has been easy to do being I still have not heard from Didgeridoo (Nick), it appears that he has not been active since before the results of the win.

No worries, all I would hope is that everything is alright on his end and hopefully he is out enjoying himself in the boundless beauty of nature that surrounds us all (You don't get pictures like that sitting here on-line we all know that). Regardless, if and when he wants to claim his prize he will contact me.

On that note I would like to start thinking about a new photo contest.
With the participation we got from you (the photo contestants), people must really be enjoying the photo contest thread, there has been over 1800 views.
That’s like 1800 smiles you guys brought to people’s faces!

Remembering that this is what this photo contest is about is important. While I call this a "contest" ultimately it’s just about having fun and staying active, the prizes are just a bonus.

Also with my procrastination and holding out to hear from Nick, came my delay of sending out prizes. I initially was only planning on rewarding first place but with a close second from Kelly I went ahead and sent out a second place prize. Kelly please let me know that you received your flies.

Well as we move forward I am pondering new ideas for a photo theme, something like “winter” keeps it very open but other themes I have thought of are “fishing partners” “Midges” “Cold” ”Fish” “Ice” “Vice” is there any particular themes you would like to see?

Anyway look for a new photo contest to start up hopefully later this week!

Happy New Year everyone!
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