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Default Re: Colorado XT Pontoon

I am definitely not set on anything in particular and actually decided against the Colorado. We are buying 2 at the same time so I want to keep them under $1,000 each since I don't even know if I will like fishing from one. I had looked at the frameless NFOs but would rather something with a frame. I am thinking about the fish cat 9 and if I love using a toon, I will consider upgrading next year. 95% of its use will be in ponds so I am not concerned about popping a bladder and being in danger because of it. The option for trolling motors on the framed pontoons will be nice on the larger pike waters we will fish.

I know what you mean about people being set on an item they ask for opinions about. I have seen threads 10 pages long of people telling someone to stay away from an item they asked about, they get it anyways and then complain about how crappy it is. Talk about annoying! Rest assured, when I ask about something on here I want honest opinions and will consider all before making a decision.
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