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Default Re: Colorado XT Pontoon

I own a Colorado xt pontoon. I liked the cheap price and accessories. Also you can attach an electric motor to the the frame. Now that I own it the cons are its heavy. Many cheap parts. I had an ore lock break on me before a set of rapids once. There's a reason it's stamped for class 1 water. When your out on a lake the weight of the battery and motor make your boat rear heavy and the back sinks quite a bit. Even with the frame and seat moved all the way forward. If I'm fly fishing on a calm lake I stand up on my seat. I would really like to have a little platform and grab bar. I got a little aluminum for lakes now and only use my pontoon to run rivers. I really wish I had something else and really like those Dave scadden nfo boats. Maybe a two or three person boat instead of two singles could be an option. In a river that means someone is always fishing while one navigates. Or my friend has a two person pontoon with a frame that can be shrunk to use with just one person. With the longer pontoons the motor and battery doesn't sink the boat as bad. Let us know what u decide on.
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