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Default Re: Looking for Broken Rod Blanks/Pieces

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
The problem on the wraps seem to be a lack of getting the color preserver into the thread. The finish made it into the thread in the dark spots and made it more transparent. What brand of color preserver and how well were you getting it covered?
I used Flexcoat CP and applied 2 coats. Next time I'll make sure I let it soak in better.

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
That decal (I love the Navy theme. ) seems to be a finish build up more than a level decal problem. Is this a thick one coat finish?
I wanted to incorporate something into the rod that said "me" so what else would an old retired Navy Chief use . I used Threadmaster Rod Finish Regular Formula. I ended up doing 2 coats because the fist coat was less flat than what I have above (and there were some blemishes I needed to correct).

Originally Posted by williamhj
1. The very first place I put color preserver is on the thread at the bottom of the guide foot. I let it soak in and work my way up the guide foot with a good bit of CP letting it soak in as I go up. I saw someone do this with varnish on silk wraps saying by starting at the foot and going up it helped force air out.

2. I put a drop of CP on the blank on either side of the the guide foot as it emerges from the wrap. This will be in front of the opening created as the guide rises from the blank. Give it a bit (go do the above process on the next guide and come back or whatever) and often times the CP will have been sucked up in between the guide foot and blank, add another drop. When no more is sucked up, use a scrap of clean paper towel to absorb the extra CP on the blank.
Thanks for the tip. I'll give this a shot on my next build. BTW, how do you keep the finish off the rod blank underneath the snake guide? I ended up putting finish from one end to the other.
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