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Default Re: Airflo Ridge Lines

Originally Posted by cocoaandme View Post
Oh that's nice to hear! I am hoping to get out on the water next week and try one out. I was wondering if they would have the same rubbing that the sharkskin has. It's nice that they don't. I had to get gloves for streamer fishing.

How often should I be cleaning and greasing the line?
You are going to get a million different answers on that one. I clean my lines after EVERY use to make certain their life is as long as possible. I'm a bit of a neat freak, though. A clean line floats well.

You can get away without cleaning a line if you are fishing a water without a lot of scum, junk, weeds, brush, etc...... I err on the side of caution because it only takes a few minutes to keep a line clean.
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