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Default Re: Airflo Ridge Lines

When you clean and lube your Airflo lines, just use soapy water and then apply armor all, you can't use armor all on SA or Rio lines, but you can on Airflo lines. Saves you some coin as far as buying special line cleaner/conditioners.

Airflo lines do not float as high as SA or Rio lines do in my experience, but they are very good lines.

I also would suggest not using SA or Rio line cleaning/conditioning products on Airflo lines, they are designed for an entirely different material than Airflo lines are made of. I do not believe SA or Rio line conditioning products will ruin an Airflo line, but Armor All works better.

Armor All will dry out and ruin SA or Rio lines, do not use it on them. Just wanted to make that clear, hate for someone to ruin a good line!
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