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Default Re: Airflo Ridge Lines

Originally Posted by trout sniper View Post
You are going to get a million different answers on that one. I clean my lines after EVERY use to make certain their life is as long as possible. I'm a bit of a neat freak, though. A clean line floats well.

You can get away without cleaning a line if you are fishing a water without a lot of scum, junk, weeds, brush, etc...... I err on the side of caution because it only takes a few minutes to keep a line clean.
I tend to be not so fastidious about my lines but I think I should definitely start being more responsible about cleaning them. Thanks for the info!

Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post

Couple of questions: What model line did you get? There are several Ridge Line offerings. What rod(s) are you intending on matching them up with?
I got a few models:
Airflo Ridge Supple Technical WF4,5,7,8
Airflo Ridge Tactical WF6
Airflo Ridge Supple Impact WF6

I got them in a bulk deal and I was planning on getting new setups to go with them but right now I have a St. Croix Imperial 5wt 9' 4 piece and a Sonik S4 5/6wt 9' 4 piece (from the UK). I am planning on getting a sonik s4 xt 7/8wt to fish on larger waters.

The St. Croix and Sonik are both mid action rods (or at least they feel like it to me). Do you think the airflo lines will be suitable on these rods?
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