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Default Re: Your favorite species of fish to catch on a fly rod?

In the early 80s a couple of us decided to try to catch some Pacific Bonito on fly gear. We knew how to catch them on spinning tackle in Redondo Harbor in So. Cal. These fish, maybe 5lbs. max, would give you everything you could handle on 6lb.-class spinning gear. I'm talking 100+ yd. runs if time isn't distorting (exaggerating?) my memory. Well, we had crappy Fenwick 6 wt. glass rods and Medalist reels. My buddy had a Boston Whaler and we got out there and into some fish. I had no idea what I was doing, couldn't really even cast, but somehow hooked a "Bonehead" as we called them. I wish there was video because it must have looked hilarious. I think I had it on for about 15 seconds. I came away with nothing but bloody knuckles, a rat's nest on my reel, and a broken tippet. We never hooked another one and never made it back out there. I've always wanted to go back and see if the bonito are still there and take another shot at them. If there's a better light tackle fish anywhere I've never encountered it.
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