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Default duck.. duck.. now what?

This morning at work a coworker informed me that he had placed a duck in a cooler in the back of my truck, b/c apparently this species is not so tasty and he thought I might like to salvage the feathers for tying. A kind gesture (and yes, the bird was legally taken - and I might add, his only bird on a 4 day excursion), but I have no idea where to begin with a complete duck!

Searches around the site and the web have returned some steps to take perhaps once its been skinned (do i need to skin it?) or that begin at other steps in the process.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated... at this point I have a duck in a plastic trash bag on a table outside.. its 32 F out doors right now.

It is a hooded merganser (again, legal take in VA this time of year - and well under limit thanks to my coworkers poor luck it would seem) if that makes any difference (perhaps I should only try to salvage certain feathers?).

Thank you in advance!
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