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I don't really think you can say anything negative about the quality of any high end fly reels made today, more or less it comes down to personal preference.

The Abel Super 5N I bought a few months ago from Dave @ Caster's Fly Shop is one of "if not the nicest" fly reel I have ever owned. Sure there is a little bit more maintenance that goes with this type of reel in comparison to some of the sealed carbon fiber drag reels out there today, but that does not bother me. The craftsmanship in this reel is astonishing in every aspect. Not my first cork drag, but my first Abel "other than the C&P Abel Creek I have had for years" and I am sort of bummed I waited so many years to buy one now.

I have read statements from reel manufacturers that carbon fiber is in reality better than cork in every aspect, I am sure this is somewhat due to the fact if someone forgets to loosen their drag after every use, it can make the drag surface uneven and obviously hurts the start up and "smoothness" of the drag. Even though this is at no fault of the reel manufacturer, it's going to leave a bad taste in someones mouth after they just dropped major coin on a reel. That is where I feel a lot of the negative comments come from regarding cork drags.

There may be some advantages to carbon fiber vs. cork, but I have never heard of anyone who was hooked up to a fish say, they lost a fish due to a failed cork drag system. I have never felt I was under-gunned with any of the current drag systems on the market, so to me it all boils down to what you like and are willing to spend.

I doubt you will be unsatisfied with the quality of an Abel reel or anything they make for that matter.

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