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You're welcome Jimmie !

buckwheat, yes, Canada put a toll on
the Coquahalla until it was paid for from
my understanding. It was just finished enough
to drive through to Hope from Kamloops but
there weren't any rests or side tracks yet...just the highway.

Good for your 8 year old and shoot, get him a
vice, hooks and feathers and watch what happens.
As far as catching the Kamloops where you wind up,
I'd take a guess and say start with nymphs or
maybe small leech patterns, even wooley buggers
down about 6 or 8 ft. deep and strip line in real slow,
see what happens. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Well the Kamloops are a rainbow and I see them referred to as redband also.
Stocks have been moved around North American but the lake dwelling Kamloops
that you're after could be the originals...kinda makes sense what with the name
and all. Maybe someone will chime in with more on catching them and such.


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