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Default Re: Good entemology book?

My preferences have become the Orvis books.

Keep in mind my friend, that there are hundreds and thousands of variants of Mayflies, Caddisflies and so forth. So even if you buy the most comprehensive of books by the best authors, you will end up being inundated with at least, information on literally dozens of possible variants to imitate. It becomes difficult to sort out specific information.

I don't own any Orvis gear, so it isn't a bias as to a product line; but I find the Orvis books to be simpler in their explanations.

For example, "The Caddisfly Handbook" by Dick Pobst and Carl Richards I can recommend (an "Orvis Streamside Guide") ISBN 1-55821-542-5.

Orvis has a general hatch guide for Mayflies, Caddisflies, Stoneflies, & Midges but I found that the specific insect titles have a wealth of information, and divide it into manageable data groups. Because you see, we can learn of dozens of these insects, but finding out which ones to actually use for a particular river/lake etc,and when that "hatch" occurs is where the real work is. Besides, you don't have to drop a lot of money for them. You can get some used for as little as $5.00.

As to Mayflies, I really like "The Mayfly Guide" by Al Caucci,
ISBN 978-09799037-9-3. Spiral bound so it won't break when you bend it, and also waterproof pages that won't get destroyed when you drip water on it.
Extremely detailed illustrations and photos.

You can pick up info on the Stoneflies, Midges, and general terrestrials from general reading and internet searches.
One of the useful search tools is to type in "images" + (for example) "Mayflies". What you end getting are not only photos of the fly itself, but also photos and links to imitations for them, many of which are posted by flyfishing websites, which also have a wealth of info.


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