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Default Re: Reel for my new Sage One 4 wt

Okay I'm a bit of a gear collector with anything I dive into. Fly fishing is proving to be absolutely no different! Since my last post I've picked up a couple more rods and am thinking about another. The primary reason for this is to try out several rods on a trip I'm taking in a couple of months. So with that said, I have an update with more questions.

My primary fishing will be northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado on a mix of public and private waters. I'm gearing up for myself as well as my father-in-law for this particular trip. So at this point this is a list of the equipment that I currently have purchased:

4wt Rods:
Sage One 486-4
Winston VSL 486-4

5wt Rods:
Redington CT 865-4
TFO BVK 05 90 4 (Considering this purchase at the moment)

Lamson Guru 1.5
Hardy 4000 DD (Considering this purchase at the moment)

So my questions are as follows:

Based on what I've got and what I'm looking at, what would you recommend for two more reels (or three if you don't think the Hardy DD is a good choice)?

Do any of you have these particular rods and what do you have paired with them? Are you happy with the choice you made or would you go a different route?

If you were looking to spend $300 or less on a reel for the Sage One 4wt what would it be?

I apologize for the long and likely uneducated/ignorant posts. I'm new to the game and would rather buy once right but if there is a quality reel that you guys have paired with the mid or lower level rods that you are happy with then I'd love to hear about it.
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