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Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
ERN is what a rod actually is, not what the maker decides to call it. Some rods are under rated by 2 weights or more. On a rarer occasion, you get one that is overrated. You almost never get a maker calling their rod what it really is. It's not hard to figure out what it is. Pin the rod down by the handle flat to a surface so you have around four feet between the tip and the floor and have the rod parallel to the floor. Get a small plastic bag and a paper clip. Turn the paper clip into an S. Hang the bag from the tip of the rod. You need to take new shiney pennies newer than 1996 and put them into the bag till you bend the rod to 1/3 of it's length. 9' rod = 3' of bend. Be precise. Count the pennies and look at this chart here. This will give you the real rating of your rod and help to decide whether you need a bigger line or more practice. It also might help to tell me where on the rod the bend is. i.e. all in the tip, all the way to grip or something inbetween.
Dan, measurements are: cork @ 50" from floor, mid @ 49-3/4", tip @ 46"
to acheive a 36" drop @ tip it took 53 pennies. as far as where it flexes:
18" up form butt cap there was 1/4" drop, mid (4'6"up) was 6-3/8"drop,
the tip measured 36"drop. I'm not sure how to decifer that chart. Am i looking @ close to a 6wt? Bill
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