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If I was fishing unfamiliar water my first choice would be 2 egg flies under an indicator. my second choice would be swinging a white streamer. Last choice would be a nymph under an indicator.

I guess if I had to suggest general guide lines I'd say Egg flies till Late November, I would work these at more "traditional" spots. Pocket water, runs, generally shallower faster moving water. Then streamers in December but worked in slow deep runs or corners. Swing them slow and be sure your running deep. Then in early spring I'd use eggs in the very high dirty water of early spring. As the water starts dropping and clears up I switch back to streamers in the deeper pockets again. This is what I have noticed in the Trib I fish. I'll start a day in the suggested pattern. If I don't get anything after hitting a few reliable spots, as reliable as anything can be in steelhead fishing, I may try something totally different or in different spots.

I have had minimal luck with nymphs so I rarely use them. I might try them on a slow day. On slow days I sometime try all sorts of stuff that has done very little for me and sometimes that pays off.
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