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Default Re: Reel for my new Sage One 4 wt

Okay so I will apologize for bumping my own thread. I have what amounts to a minor update and would ask for your opinion. So I had decided to at least grab a Hardy 4000 dd for my TFO BVK 5wt. I started shopping around and found what appeared to be a good deal with a flyshop online ($250 rigged with Rio Gold line and backing). From what I can tell the flyshop has a good reputation. When I called the guy to place my order he starts trying to talk me out of the Hardy 4000 dd. He told me that they bent a frame while putting line on one and he doesn't think it is a strong reel. Is it possible that this was just a fluke or that they screwed up? I've heard nothing but great reviews on this reel.

With all of that said, he recommended several other reels and I would like your take on them to pair with my Sage One 486-4:

Ross Evolution LT
Galvan Torque
Lamson Litespeed

He didn't bring up the Nautilus FWX but it is on the list based on reviews I've seen. I just can't justify the extra cash for an Abel Super 3n when making all of the other purchases to get started.
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