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Default Where would YOU go??

Taking my buddy on his first ever fly fishing trip. Unfortunately, it is at the end of March (He's a teacher so its spring break) so it causes a few issues with camping. (wanted to camp as he has never really camped either. This is an unplanned planned trip.We have been best friends since early 20's (just turned 42) and I have been trying to get him to fly fish for most of that time. he finally decided to give it a try.

Bought him a fly rod for xmas... We have fished smallies local for years and LM from a boat a few times but I could never get him to try fly fishing. So now that he decided to try it- I wanna give him a fun, exciting, yet somewhat uneasy adventure. he is out of his element if he is not vacationing in a hotel with room service, so I really wanted to camp (not telling him)... Seems rude from an outside standpoint, but you gotta know the guy... All I promised him was that there would be no strippers! (otherwise his wife would not let him go) So....

What I wanted to do is get in the car, head to I-75 near Cincinnati (starting point) and flip a coin. Heads North and tails South... Don't tell him I actually have plans for either direction, and sort of accidentally end up near a fantastic trout stream.
So what I came up with so far is:

North- Slate Run in PA.

South- Doe Run in TN and Whitetop Laurel in VA.

So what I'm asking is for some help deciding where to go at the end of March within a day's drive of Cincinnati Ohio. I would really like to take him to a mountain trout stream, anywhere from VA, TN, NC, GA... that holds some decent size trout with a lot of smaller trout so he can at least catch a few without too much trouble, and have a good chance at something bigger.
But if the coin points North - I have been to MI and I know the regs there get confusing, but I could deal with that... PA seemed like a natural choice... I think I'm hoping the coin ends up south (or I fake it) - Just cause the weather might not be too bad in March... Anyway - If anyone has any good ideas to help me plan this trip I'd much appreciate it
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