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Default Practice casting without a hook - Advice?

Hi everyone,

Ok, I have a real noob question and I apologize in advance for this. I'm finally getting started in Fly Fishing and got to thinking about my casting, Once the sub-zero temps clear up and I can get out I'm going to start practicing my casts. I know with regular fishing they have these rubber plugs you can practice with, is there anything like that for fly fishing? I really don't want to use a live lure (by live I mean one with a hook) as I know I'll snag myself! I would like to try and be as accurate as possible weight wise so I'm not over or under compensating when I'm actually out fishing. I had thought about just clipping off the hook on an old lure but wasn't sure about that so if there's any advice you could share with a new person, I would appriciate it.

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