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Default Feedback: T&T Vector

Hey, Ive been trying to find a good 8 weight. Ran across a Vector, 3 piece, 9' 8 weight at a good price. I started the search and have not found a lot of information. I know its a little more progressive and although listed as fast, people say its a medium fast. I emailed T&T about warranty claims on a used rod and was told it was about $125 per section (about the same as Sage) if anything were to happen to it.

Anyone have any experience with them? People have said it was a rode before its time in that it was a little softer than the super stiff rods at the time. I currently use a Sage Flight and have a love/ hate relationship with it. Its a 5 weight and now that I have lined it with Rio Grande, its better for my casting style. This makes me think a slightly slower, more flexy rod is good.
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