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Default Re: Camo fly line?

Rio was kind enough to respond to the inquiry today as well.

Well, even a perfectly clear line will throw a shadow on the water or on the bottom of the river. I would always argue that for the best presentation, you should keep from placing your fly line directly over the top of the fish where a colored line OR a shadow can blow your opportunity, period. That said, I think the bigger issue with very light colored lines is visibility for the angler. Most anglers prefer darker or brighter colored lines ( opposed to clear or very light colors ) simply because they are much easier to see in the air when casting and gauging distances to the target. Light colored lines simply do not sell as well, and I believe for that reason alone. I remember SA use to make a bonefish line that was very light in color ( white/gray ) and it was about impossible to see when casting on the flats. RIO made a tropical clouser line that was light blue, same deal, impossible to see once it was airborne. And, if you canít see your line, itís hard to accurately judge the distances needed for an accurate and quality presentation. For what itís worth, my thoughts on the subject of line colorJ. Have a great evening!
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