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Default Re: i would like to get started in fly tying

I'm new to fly tying as well. If you ever start it you will be addicted to fly tying as much as fly fishing. I to looked at these types of package deals that contained fly tying materials as well as fly tying vise and tools. Although, you may save some money in the short term, I believe that you will quickly find that you will be disappointed in the lower end vise that are offered in these types of packages.

It is my opinion that you should invest in a quality vise price range $125-200 to get the full potention out of your fly tying experience. Speaking from experience, I started out with a low end vise and quickly became frustrated by the way the vise worked and failed to hold the hook properly. Fortunately, I attended my local fly fishing club fly tying table held monthly where I had a great deal of knowledge given to a newbie like myself. This gave me access to different types of high quality vises. Plus, someone in the group has loaned me a spare one of theirs until I can afford a new one.

Trust me spend the money now, otherwise, you will most likely find that you will spend it later.

You can quickly find that you can find a lot of the tying materials at your local craft store to save money there. I'm looking at the following two vises:
Peak Vise, and the Renzetti Traveler.

To read some reviews over various other brand visit the following link:

I hope this helps.
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