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Default My reel seems weird

I just purchased an Allen Trout II and have only used it a couple times but I'm noticing something that doesn't feel right. I think a lot of fishermen on this forum seem to be familiar with them so here is my concern.

When I'm setting up to fish a hole and start pulling fly line off the reel seems to throb. More specifically, during the rotation I notice the spool tightens in a specific spot and then loosens up. I've noticed that as the spool moves clockwise, when the handle reaches the bottom of the reel it tightens and then loosens when the handle reaches the top of the reel. Has anyone else noticed this or has an Allen reel that is familiar?

I've only fished it twice on a small tailwater where there are only small fish, so I haven't yet had the experience of testing the reel on a biggie yet. I'm concerned that this strange throbbing might be a negative. Thanks!

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