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Default Re: Beulah 10'8" 7 weight Platinum Switch for Michigan and westcoast steelhead

Originally Posted by bobevans View Post
As a new switch rodder, why would I put a 9/10 reel on a 7 wt rod? Respectfully, Bob
Of course it depends on the reel, but many contemporary wide arbor reels that are listed for a size seven line won't hold the sufficient backing, running line and the @400gr head...if you go with a head...without rubbing the frame.

I bought a 3.5+ Lamson Velocity nickle for my 7wt. switch and ended up having to remove backing to fit the line in the reel.

It worth remembering that a 7wt spey line is often equivalent to a 9wt single handed line.

And beyond that...there's no downside in putting a little bit bigger and heavier reel on a 2H rod. Better a bit heavy than too light--for your fishing comfort.

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