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Default Re: i would like to get started in fly tying

I to will have to agree with darknight on this. I bought one of those kits and quickly got to dislike the vise. I ended up buying the Renzetti Traveler Cam on the pedestal. Paid about $220 after adding some other top end tools but it works like a charm.

For materials though there are ways to skimp here on the price. I buy stuff at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and other hobby and craft stores. Watch your fly shop too never know when some vender is running a special buy one neck or cape get one free.(usually not the best quality but it does work)

As far as learning goes: If you can attend classes great do so. If you can't attend classes like myself(work hours) get videos or tie with a friend. There's tons of patterns online to print out that go step by step. Print them out all the time. Also check out some magazines they to have nice patterns or pictures. As one gentleman told me yesterday on the stream the thing he loves about tying is you can use your imagination. It's your fly tye it the way you want it to look.

Good luck and injo.
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