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Default Re: Why did you go two hand?


That's the kind of information that I am interested it. With anything, there is an added cost but is going two handed really that complicated? I know that the casting is going to be a different thing than I am used to but I am willing to put in the effort. I can, and people do, fish the areas I am interested in with something like a 10 foot single hand 8 weight but I am looking for the advantages that a no back cast will give me. Over here on the right coast, I have to deal with over hanging trees and no shore to speak of. I just found the right line for my single hand 5 weight and am working on my double haul. When I head out to the Potomac and the South Branch of the same river in WV, its bigger water without a lot of room.

Rod, backing, line (I already have a reel)...what else would I need to get?
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