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Any cat loose in the wild is, IMO, feral. It may curl up in your lap at night, but when outdoors, it is killing songbirds with dispatch.

Regarding coyotes: as they migrated from west to east they bred with red wolves in Quebec *. Eastern coyotes average ten pounds more than their western kin. Fortunately, they did not adopt the pack hunting habits of the wolf. However, two summers ago, a pair of coyotes in Cape Breton pulled down a seventeen year old woman on a popular hiking path and then wouldn't let anyone near their kill. Eventually, a park ranger shot one and the other left. Various animal rights groups immediately declared that the hiker had done something wrong as "coyotes don't kill humans." (Grrrr!)

*Pedigree-based assignment tests for reversing coyote (Canis latrans) introgression into the wild red wolf (Canis rufus) population
Craig R. Miller*, Jennifer R. Adams, Lisette P. Waits
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