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Default Re: Need some Redfish help guys.

Originally Posted by swirlchaser View Post
Thanks Kory, that's why I was asking. I see these spin guys dragging lures behind huge orange floats and it doesn't spook the fish at all. So Clousers is all I need huh? Could it be this easy? I have boxes of Clousers and Half n Halfs already tied. Floating line is all I need? Maybe I'll build another 9wt, I have to feel like there's some sort of prep involved for this trip

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amazing isn't it Larry? The price of saltwater flies is the reason I started tying in the first place. I won't bother tying a WD40 when I can buy it for $.60 but a $5 Clouser???? Don't think so...
If you want to spice it up, some bright Dahlberg Divers will produce at times...

I have spent a lot of time down there messing around with different patterns and the 1/0 Clouser Half n Half in Chart/White if presented right will get eaten by 99% of fish you will throw it at. From 4 pounds to 40 pounds, doesn't matter they eat that fly well...

I would suggest a Redfish taper line "Cortland, Rio and SA are all fine really", long casts down there are 30' so you need a line that loads the rod well without much line out. A lot of your casts will be 15' - 20' little pot shots due to the fact you don't see the fish until they are close more often than not...

Redfish in Louisiana are all about being able to cast very quickly and pretty accurately in close. Especially when you are chasing the big Bull Reds cuz they sit in the slightly deeper water and are much more difficult to spot so you tend to not see them until they are very close to you. Did I mention the water is dirty??? LOL

Drop it in front of their face about a foot or two in front of them in say a cone shaped zone with the tip of the cone being at their snout, let the fly drop almost to the bottom and then pump it slowly away from them, they will eat. Try not to drop it directly to the side of their eyes or close behind their eyes or even along their sides, it spooks them, if you cast behind them try and be at least at their tail and they will often spin around and eat it...
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