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Default TFO Deer Creek switch 11' 7wt or 8wt

I'm about to purchase my first two handed rod. I narrowed my choices to TFO Deer Creek switch 11' but now I can't decide on the weight - 7 or 8.
Here is the list of fish I'll be targeting with this rod in the order of importance:
1. Steelhead/Salmon (3 weekends / year)
2. Summer fishing on bigger rivers - small mouth / pike (20 outings / year)
3. Lake fishing - large mouth / pike (20 outings / year)
4. Stripers - beach fishing (2 outings / year)

The guy at the fly shop recommends the 8wt based on the above list. I know the stripers and small mouth are the 2 extremes on the list. Should I stick with the 8wt or go with the 7 knowing that surf fishing will be bit limited and landing a big fish will be a challenge if I ever get one

Also is it true that two handed rods are bit heavier than the single handed ones? What I mean by that is double handed 5wt feels more like 6-7wt single handed. Is that true?
BTW I have 3, 5, 7 and 9 in single handed rods.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
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