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Default Re: New furled leaders

Originally Posted by mojo View Post
What is a spiral leader? Are you talking braided leaders or furled maybe?
I have never seen a well built furled leader have a memory. No coiling just pull it out of the packaging and it drops to the floor straight as an arrow.
DOH! My brain was thinking about 10 words faster than I can type. I meant furled leaders.

I guess what I was trying to say was that in my never-ending quest for the perfect setup, I was trying to get ALL of the curls out of my furled leader, and in doing so, I kept straightening it so much that the individual strands lost thier "furl" and came unravelled. I should have been patient and done what the experts here have been advising, and all should have gone well. Like the little squirrel in the Jerry Clower story, I "loved the little (leaders) to death."
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