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Default Virginia / West Virginia

Virginia / West Virginia

My dad is looking to retire this year so in addition to our fishing around Western North Carolina we are looking to do a couple of long weekend trips to Virginia and West Virginia. I am not trying to hotspot or steal anyone’s secret honey holes, but I am starting to research the areas and looking for some general guidance. We tend to fish smaller wild streams as opposed to big stocked rivers. Both of us love to blue line but Dad is getting older so I have to keep the gradient manageable (even though he still thinks he is 20). Love brook trout but I hear legends of BIG BIG browns… Like I said, I am not looking for anyone’s deep dark secrets just trying to begin my research for the summer. Any advice or direction would be appreciated. PM’s are awesome if you don’t want to post for all of the interweb to see and I will gladly help and have a cold beer waiting for anyone that wants to wander down to North Cackalackie….

Thanks Again!!!
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