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Default Brand new from Annapolis Maryland

Hello all, I'm a brand new fly fisherman from Annapolis Maryland. I used a borrowed fly rod about 30 years ago for about a year and haven't touched one since. I have no idea if I was even using the thing properly as I had no instruction whatsoever.

I did sign up for a fly tying class at Bass Pro shop and had my first one last week and it was lots of fun. I now have about 50 flies in my house...

I've fished a lot in lakes and farm ponds using baitcasters and spinning reels but not much at all with fly rods. I plan on fishing mainly farm ponds for Largemouth, crappie, and bluegill although since I live five minutes from the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries I wouldn't be too averse to fishing there for pearch, sea trout, and the occasional rockfish.

As I am a complete and total fly fishing newbie I have a lot of questions. What weight rod do I need? A 5 weight rod? Is the the Dogwood Canyon fly rod set from Bass Pro any good? I'm looking to get something affordable for my first rod and reel while I muck around trying to figure out exactly what I want.

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Oh, and one more thing. What flies seem to work best for Largemouth in this area?
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