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Default Switch: Facts or Myths?

Complete Newbie on switch rods and have looked at the past posts on the subject, much help found thanks. Please help me out on some questions I have along with either dis-spelling or confirming facts or myths of switch rods.

Myth of Fact:
1) A switch rod can overhand cast and spey cast, but it doesn't do either well.

2) You will have trouble landing a fish with a switch unless you have freakish long arms.

3) You have to have at least three spools for your reel one for each line: Skagit, Scandi, plus your floating line.

4) Switch rods can't be used to cast any other way but overhand in the surf.

Here is where I am in regards to switch rods: Both shoulders are pretty worn out and my 7 weight gets to be too much if I spend more than a couple of hours casting in the Pacific. Hence my desire to look into switch rods. Our surf on the central coast of Ca. can be very busy and windy any day or time of the week.

I have the opportunity to trade one of my Bamboo blanks for a Sage "One" of my choice. Right now a 7 weight, 11'6" switch blank looks really good to me. I am thinking 7 wt. to push flies thru our wind and for the occasional trip up to the Trinity River to flog the water for Steelhead.

Now to my questions:
1) Too much work to battle both the surf and control the line with a switch?

2) 7 wt. Satisfactory for both the surf and Trinity type waters?

3) If I use a switch with a floating line do they roll cast well enough to put out some decent line?

4) Continued from question 3: Are there switch casts that can be used with a floating line?

Since I know nothing about casting or the difference between a Skagit and Scandi I won't even bother to ask about them right now. That might be best left until I can get with an instructor. Don't even want to pick up a switch until I get with a casting Guru. Watching the videos and knowing my shoulders switch just seems to be a good fit for me. Plus you can never have too many toys and I'll get to build another personal build for me.

Thanks, sorry for the long winded post
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