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Default Re: i would like to get started in fly tying

Originally Posted by Gordon Bryson
Brandon, you've been given some very good advice. Additionally, the Full Creel that sponsors this forum has some excellent quality vises and other tools. However, if you're not sure whether you'll like it or not, and you've decided not to spend a lot for a vise,you might try this url on eBay. This dealer carries some of the import copies of the higher priced vises. I personally haven't seen any of them, but for 20-30 bucks you can probably pick one of them up. would still advise you not to purchase a fly tying kit unless you know it contains the items to tie the type flies you want to use.
more good advice. as to the vises on ebay. i've seen a couple of them and they're nice. quality and materials may not be as good as a renzetti, griffin, dyna-king, etc. if you check out ebay you can find many a good buys on there. like i said earlier buy material at other places than fly shops. one thing to check into is what darkknight hit on and that's classes. if nothing else see if you can attend one and see if they'll let you tie a fly or two to see if it's something you'll enjoy. if i can learn i know that you can it's not as hard as you'd think. and remember it's one thing to catch a fish on a store bought fly it's another to catch a fish on one that you've tied.
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