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Default Re: Took a big step today....

I'll be in the minority here. I think higher education has become a joke.
It is seen as advantage in your life to have one. I contend its an advantage ONLY if it helps you get a high paying/secure job. That's the only reason to spend the time and money. And the line that you can't get ahead without one is B.S. If your a hard worker, willing to learn everything you can about your vocation (on your own), never satisfied career stagnation then you can do well.

If you spend 80K and all you can get for a job is swinging hammers then you wasted your time and money. You'd been further off getting the same job as kid out of high school and learning all you can on the job to further your skills so you can make more.

Another thing I hear constantly from those preaching the higher education route is it makes you "well rounded". This is because when you get into higher education they make you take all sorts of unrelated courses. What do you need music appreciation for if your going to be a Fisheries Biologist? Its another way for the schools to siphon more money from your pockets and waste your time. I don't want a Fisheries Biologist working for me that spent time learning about Bach, I want one that knows everything possible about Fish, Aquatic Insects and anything DIRECTLY related to his job.

I went to college for Wildlife Biology one semester before I realized that it was a waste of time and money. I then went to a Tech school for 2 semesters before I got a part time job in the field I was going to school for. After one more semester I was asked to go full time so that and other reasons I quit Tech School. I earned a Journeymans card in my field (which I think was only valuable when asked if I had one). I jumped jobs every 4-5 years when I had learned all I could at the current job. I ended up buying a small business with owner financing and putting up everything I had owned and saved in 15 years of working. I increased sales 8 fold and then ended up selling the business after owning it for 14 years. This allowed me to retire at the ripe old age of 50. Now I go fishing ALOT. So its possible to do well without higher education, I did.
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