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Twister tail type grubs can be extremely effective. I thread a 1-2 inch twister tail through a size 10 hook and have a great time catching gill, perch, crappie, and bass. The problem is keeping the twister tail grub on the hook. This problem can be solved by tying 2-3 barbs on the hook shank that will keep the twister tail in place. Using 20lb mono tying in a small peice of mono so that it is a a 45 degree angle pointing forward. A couple of these barbs will keep the twister tail on your hook. Add bead chain eyes (clouser style) or a bead head if you like. The barbs will allow you to replace the twister tail on site when your "fly" gets ripped up or if you want to change colors. I admit I do not these as much as I used to but for a begining fly fisherman I think the fish will hold on to the grub a little longer allowing a little more time to learn to set the hook. The rubber on the grubs does get heavy for 2-3 wt rods.
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