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Default Re: Abel or Hatch????

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
Both fine reels with different personalities and design concepts. Always good to have an Abel as it's user maintainable, draw-bar design is a form of insurance and I am not sure I wouldn't go with the S11N for the ten weight. I fish a Hatch 7+ on my Scott S4s #8 and I consider it, along with the Nautilus the top picks among "sealed" drag reels. One caveat on the 7+ is backing capacity; I like 200 yds. of #30, not for strength but for mangrove abrasion protection in the Bahamas, and the Hatch will only take #20. The solution, which I recommend to you, is to buy the Hatch with the mid-arbor spool option. It dramatically improves backing capacity and has no impact on aspect ratio once loaded. On my current favorite bonefish rod, Loomis NRX #8, I mounted the Nautilus NV 10/11 with the "Giga 8" spool option, the opposite of what I have done with the Hatch. I have had no reliability issues with any of these reels and they are all beautifully crafted and delightful to fish.

Do I presume correctly that you are located in Britain? Have you considered Hardy's Fortuna X? Though built in Korea, it is a fine piece of work with a very stout drag and much better than Orvis's Chinese Mirage.
Many thanks. I was thinking of 30lb gel-spun as backing so thought I would get 200yds or so on the Hatch.
Yes in the UK. The Mirages come out of Korea, not China (clear label on the one I handled yesterday) and a suggestion has been made is it is the same factory which produces Hardy & Sage. it's not uncommon certainly in the outdoor industry Rucksacks manufactured for Arc'teryx, North Face etc which come out Vietnam are all from the same is all they make though.
Consequently given the finish on the Orvis (in comparison to the US made in the spool when mounted) I discounted the Hardy and the Sage 6000/8000.

I'll give it more thought.
Regards Gerard
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