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Default Re: Brand new from Annapolis Maryland

Big Jim,

Thanks for all of the information! I just joined the CCA and I most certainly will be at Tiefest. I went there about five years ago and had a great time. Not sure why I didn't follow up with it but oh well, I'm hooked now so it really doesn't matter.

I'll probably go with a 5 wt rod, seems to be a good balance for what I'm looking for. If things go well I might get something heavier down the road as I wouldn't mind fishing for rockfish in the Bay but you have to start somewhere.

My Uncle has a small pond on his farm and I know that 20 years ago when I used to fish it it was simply crawling with Bluegill so I'm looking forward to going after them with a fly rod. Nothing better than fresh panfish on the grill.

I'm really enjoying the fly tying class at Bass Pro. The first class we were taught how to tie Woolly Buggers and now I must have 50 of the things in my house. Wife thinks I'm nuts. Tomorrow we learn to tie something else, looking forward to that. I just need to remember not to leave my receipts laying around the house, wife wasn't too happy about that. So much for a 'free' class...

I remember using a hula popper with my baitcaster for Largemouth so I'm looking forward to tying something similar for the fly rod.

Thanks everyone for all of the great advice, I can't wait for this weather to break so I can see how well my flies actually work
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