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Default Re: It's a start!

Tie some beetles just as you have done but before you tie down the head put a nice sized drop of Zap a gap on the bottom and put a couple of rubber legs in an X pattern on the bottom and then tie down the head. Bass and Bluegill both like rubber legs. I tie them on a #10 and 12 and 14 hook. I only use the small ones when the bluegill are short strikeing the #10. On the size 10 and smaller you may not want the foam quite so wide and the chenile is not required either. I do all my spiders in yellow. Mostly so I can see them better and the fish don't seem to mind.

If you have trouble doing the whip finish you can make a small ring out of wire to slide over the body to hole the legs back out of the way. A lot of times I just use 3 or 4 half hitches and then a drop of SH. It has been several years since I have had one come untied because of half hitches done this way. A whip finish is better but not required. A good whip finish does not require any SH but most do it anyway.

You can also make small foam popper bodies out of the 2mm craft foam. Use a hand held paper hole punch and punch 3 holes. Take the disks and put some CV or zap a gap on them to glue together into a small cylinder. Cut a slot in the cylinder and CV onto a size 12 hook and wa have a popper. ...Cheap and a good fish getter. Bass will also hit these small poppers.
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