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Default Casting questions from a rookie

Still being a newbie with a fly rod, i gotta few questions about casting...

My double haul is slowly improving and i'm able to fly more line in my false casts.
What is the typical ratio of feet of aerial line in the false cast to the length of the final (approach) cast? In other words, if your trying to cast 70', do you fly 50' and have 20' of slack to shoot on the final, or 60' false and 10' final, or...?

Does the answer differ with different rod weights and actions?

Speaking of actions, Ive got a slow action echo 4 wt 8'....cant get the distance out of it compared to when i cast my son's fast action 4 wt 8' (which is a much cheaper rod). Do slow action rods typically cast shorter or is it a timing thing?

(One more) Should higher value rod (reputable, $$$) give you more distance than $50 rod of the same class? (In golf, its 98% skill and only 2% equipment)
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