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Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

From a review by Andrew Bennett of Deneki Outdoors:

"Do You Really Need $50 Nippers?
No, of course you don’t. You also don’t need a $600 fly rod rod, or a $500 reel, or a $200 pair of sunglasses. A rusty pair of fingernail clippers will cut 10pound Maxima eventually, most of the time, just like a $25 garage sale fly rod can cast as far as you need to cast, most of the time.

We were skeptical when we first heard about Abel’s nippers, but after a little cooling-off-period we realized…yeah, you use your nippers more than pretty much any other tool in fly fishing. It’d be nice to have a pair that did a great job consistently cutting leaders and tippet. If they work great and last a long time, the ‘price per nip’ will be darned near free, even at $50 a pop. Seriously, we have incredibly high standards for all the rest of our gear – why do our nippers have to be crappy, especially when we use them so much?
Why We Like Abel’s Nippers
Yes, we like them, and yes, we think they’re worth $50. Here’s why.

■They cut the small stuff and the big stuff well. Our cast titanium offshore pliers cut 80 pound fluorocarbon well. Our lightweight surgical ceramic nippers cut 5X well. These nippers cut both well.
■The hook cleaner is the best-designed we’ve seen. It’s set right near the edge of the nippers, making it really easy to line it up with the tiniest of hook eyes.
■The jaws have a 2 year warranty. Yep, for $50 they better last a long time. Yep, the jaws are going to be the first part that wears out. Abel will replace the jaws for you for 2 years.
■High quality gear feels good. This is a well designed and manufactured piece of gear, and you’ll grab it dozens of times each day, and that’s a good thing."

Personally, I like quality gear that I can enjoy and pass down to my kids and grandkids. Not so sure that makes me a sucker.

But we're all wired differently (and have different teeth and bites that may or may not work for cutting line, even if we're going to disregard what trained experts - dentists - say about doing that), which is a good thing. Bottom line: Do what makes you happy.

BTW, I own a $1 lanyard from which dangles a cheap nippers -- probably the 20th pair of nippers I've owned -- that does a poor job cutting, so I think I'll order an Abel nippers today and make myself happy.
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