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Default Re: Fishing with a 7wt 7 1/2 rod just bought

Originally Posted by jpbfly View Post
pabrownhope someone will answer your for me never heard of a 7'5 7wt
it's an eagle claw

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Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
A 7.5', 7wt would be great for bass fishing
But it's a little short and stout for nymphing IMO.
That's a pretty unusual size rod. What make is it ?

Oh, and welcome to the group !

Here's the link of the rod I picked up

Eagle Claw "Trailmater" 7 1 2' Four Piece Combo Fly Spin Rod in Factory Tube | eBay

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Originally Posted by mysticm View Post
You can catch trout with any rod + reel combination, however some rods are better suited to certain waters and types of fishing. For the scenario you describe, the 5wt rod will be a better fit.
You could use the 7wt but it may pose some challenges in terms of presentation (for a beginner caster). You may be able to get away with the 7wt for nymphing and streamer fishing but dry fly presentation will pose some challenges unless you use very long leader + tippet combinations.

I would use the 7wt solely for streamer and heavy nymph (double nymphs + shot) and use the 5wt for dry flies, smaller nymphs & dry-dropper scenarios.

Hope this helps. By the way what is the action OR make / model of the 7wt rod?
river canyon is the fly rod I have from Bass Pro
Dc 765 7'6" #5
reel is DC56
I did nothing but dry fly fish about 3 years ago, I"m interested in nymph fishing this year
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