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Originally Posted by rockriver View Post
I'm not looking for anything at the moment, just want a great selection from waders to fly tying to flies to rods, reels and lines. I only talked to the same guy your referring to once, and I agree. Something on the lines of Charlie's Fly Shop in Denver would be nice.
If your looking for a great selection of stuff then I think your in trouble. I am familiar with Tight Lines in DePere. Charlie and Tim are great guys and will treat you fantastically and they are free with helpfull tips and hints. But the inventory is not the greatest. I have to travel a while to get there and usually when I have a list of stuff for fly tying they have about 70-80% of the stuff. I like to spend some money there to keep these guys going. I have bought several rods from them, waders, boots, flies, tying stuff and whatever. Don't get me wrong, they have a lot of stuff but at times I just wonder. I know its hard to know what to stock and I know that inventory cost money but at a certain point if you don't have what the customer is looking for then he will go else where and you run the risk of him finding that else where is cheaper/more selection what ever and the customer is gone. I guess my biggest ***** would be that if your going to sell an item for fly tying you'd carry it in a decent assortment of colors including the most popular colors like Black and White.

I have gone to cabelas in Richfeild, they have a fly fishing "corner". They don't have any sales people that know fly fishing from what I have seen and their inventory is more limited than Tight Lines. It's not worth the travel to get to it.

I too would love to see a shop with great selection but I don't think its gonna happen in this area.

Its hard to compete against on-line sales, big box discount stores and other competition.

Northern Wisconsin/U.P. of Michigan are hardly a mecca for fly fisherman. But that's a good thing, I'd as soon keep it a secret and let the masses run to Montana every summer. If not having fantastic fly shops is the price to pay to keep it this way then I'm OK with that, it's better this way.
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