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Default Re: Bristol Bay Fundraising Effort - Great Deals on Great Trips!

I am taking a senior level environmental engineering class this semester, and our last class we talked exclusively about pebble mine.

Here are a couple facts.

They want to build the largest mine tailings pond in the world. To do this they are going to build the largest damn of any kind in the world. Even bigger than the one in china. It is going to be 4 miles long by 750 feet high. It will damn off a canyon and that will be the tailings pond.

The problem with doing that in this location is that it is near a major fault line. Less than 100 miles from where a 9.2 earthquake went off in 1964.

Even the company that is mining has no confidence in the fact that it can keep the fish safe. They have said that they will pay for the cost of building and maintaining a hatchery when the inevitable disaster occurs.

The class i am in is fairly pro-industry. We talked about how Hooker Chemical, the company who caused love canal, actually did no wrong. I myself am fairly pro-industry as well, I think ANWAR should be opened up for drilling. However i oppose Pebble mine.
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