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Default Re: 9ft 5w rod small stream spey fly line?

If your looking to single hand spey to keep your fly in the drink longer, and are fishing smaller streams (i'm not familiar w/ the ones you mentioned), you cant beat a triangle or DT line. WF lines are pretty much for overhead casting only. Sure- you can spey cast them, butthe advantages of the other two far outweigh WF lines in small streams. DT and tri's SH spey much better, and are easier to mend, and are easier to present w/ a softer landing. Depending on the action of your 5wt, an Ambush 5wt (215 grains I think) will sling pretty much anything out there. When you get the hang of it, you'll be able to shoot up to 25-30 of the running line (if need be). I use both, and love them. These lines really shine w/ the spey cast. I only use WF lines from the drift boat, or stillwater stuff.
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