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Default Re: Switch: Facts or Myths?

So ya know- spey casts require an anchor and D loop to "Load" the rod. This is how it differs from OH casting. Scandi and skagit both use these, just in different ways. Touch and go anchors (say-snake roll & single spey)for scandi, and sustained anchors (snap T/double spey) for skagit. You can cast a skagit head w/ a T&G cast and vice versa, but by their design, they really shine when you don't. Skagit heads are heavier towards the tip, hence require a deeper load (sustained anchor) to cast. They are used for heavier flies and fishing deeper (t tips). Scandi are heavier towards the back of the head, and taper more up front- lending themselves to lighter flies, lighter tips (poly leaders instead of T) and casting off the tip of the rod.
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