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Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
Is there a visible notice between the Poly and Glass? Or is it the same?... Because in all honesty... If I have a fly coming back at my face... I'd rather a plastic lens crack... than having a glass lens shatter and get glass in my eye
I worked as a first mate on a charter boat years ago.

I once had a client whom had been drinking, try and thumb the spool of the reel and lift a 20 pound King Salmon into the boat as I was dropping the net to net the fish, thinking he was being funny...

What happened was the hook pulled free from the fishes mouth and a Dodger "giant chunk of metal" came FLYING out of the water and hit me directly in the glass lens, literally saving my eye from certain damage. Trust me, this thing was MOVING through the air and the glass lens didn't even break, it got a scuff on it so they were no longer use-able but that was it...

The prick still thought that was funny and at the end of the day, I got a mere $20.00 tip...

Destroyed a $300.00 pair of glasses essentially and his drunk arse gave me $20.00. It was everything I could do to keep from beating him to a pulp.

It was a fun job, but sadly, there was a lot of folks like that and I basically worked for tips, Captain gave me $40.00 a day and beyond that, I relied on tips...

The Summer that happened was my last Summer I worked that job, when you did the math you made less than minimum wage...

I wouldn't worry about the strength of the glass lens
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