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What do you guys think about using a 5 weight for carp? Depending of the area of the lake I fish they average 5-10 lbs with open water in one area and in certain areas they will average 10-20 lbs with a little bit more vegetation. So far I have only caught two on this rod and they were both 5 lbs on 4 lb line fishing by a boat dock. The reel I have on is a cheap clicker drag style, but this time I am hoping to put a Lamson Kronic on it this summer. Unless anyone can suggest one that would be better in that price range. I am wanting the reel mostly for the carp and gar fishing. When fishing for carp how does everyone fish, by wading and shore or off a boat? Sorry if this is a little loaded with questions, I love fishing for carp and am wanting to get more serious about flyfishing for them.
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